Rally: Image Breaks Overnight on Dashboard App
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Rally: Image Breaks Overnight on Dashboard App


Article ID: 199207


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


After customizing the Rally Rich Text app or the Query Count to enable allowImageUpload placing an image works initially, however, overnight the image disappears and a broken image placeholder is displayed.


Release : SAAS



Even though it is possible to modify an app to "allowImageUpload" in the rich text field component, this is a use case where this doesn't work because it results in a null artifact reference in the attachment and the orphaned attachment job will clean up this attachment.

The case where we do support using allowImageUpload when using the component to update an actual artifact.  In this scenario, the component would upload images attached to artifacts and would not be perceived as being orphaned by the cleanup job.  It may be worth noting in the application that the "allowImageUpload" should not be used on dashboards.

As a workaround, it would be possible to create an artifact of some kind, add the attachments to that artifact, then copy the image for that attachment to the rich text field app.