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Authentication token Manipulation Error when trying to add Portal New Password


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CA API Developer Portal


I'm trying to install the Portal 4.5 Hardened image using Virtual Box, but at the time of changing the password,

user         : centos
Password: 7layer

as informed in the documentation, but getting 

Error when Entering New Password : Authentication token Manipulation Error


documentation no clear on this 


Release : 4.5

Component : API PORTAL


1) When installing Portal 4.5 importing on VirtualBox GEN0000000002141.ova file
After start the server you will be prompted by user/password

2) The default user = centos and the default password = 7layer

3) Enter that credentials and you will be required to change your password immediately (root enforced)

4) Enter the Current Password=7layer (again)

5) Enter the New Password :   do you need to create an strong password

Note : If the password does not accomplish the password Policy like this one: 7LSecure0$.45

You will receive a message like :

BAD PASSWORD : The Password contains more than 4 characters of the same class consecutively.

Also, you can See this Message :

Authentication token Manipulation Error

You must to Use a more Complex and Secure Password that accomplish the Password Policy ,

example : L7Sec0$ur.Por451


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