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how to make a probe timed (so that it does not run between 10 PM to - 03 AM)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are trying to edit a probe and make it timed instead of its default type of deamon.
how can we configure a probe so that it will only run, for example, between 10 PM to 03 AM daily ?


1. First locate the probe on the robot where it is running in Infrastructure Manager.

2. Right-click the running probe and choose "Edit...." from the menu.  (NOT Configure!)

3. This will bring up a screen showing the details of probe execution.


The following screenshot shows how to set up a timed probe to run from 3am to 10pm, and to shut down from 10pm to 3am so that no QoS or alarms would be sent.


I have used data_engine in my example but it would be the same for any probe.

1. Choose "Timed" mode
2. For "Execution" choose "Ignore"
3. Set "From" equal to start time (3am)
4. Set "To" equal to end time (10pm)

Format is as below screenshot for times:

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