"Network Usage from Site" Setting showing "Unrestricted"
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"Network Usage from Site" Setting showing "Unrestricted"


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IT Management Suite


The "Network Usage from Site" field on the Symantec Management Agent UI shows as "Unrestricted", even went there is an Agent Bandwidth Throttling restriction in place. Does this have to do with Peer to Peer throttling or site server throttling? Can you hide this from the UI?



ITMS 8.5


This part cannot be set to hidden via SMP Console.
"Unrestricted" means, there are no restrictions on the network traffic outside the Site.

This is about Site-level throttling. This is related to Targeted Site Settings, outbound connection settings. You can create a Site policy, assign it to some Site. The policy will set the throttling value that works for all the agents from that Site combined.

Configuring site settings

The targeted site settings policy lets you configure and apply download settings to the sites.

This feature is available starting from IT Management Suite version 8.5 RU2.

Configuring the targeted site settings policy for each site is not required. If you do not configure the policy for a site, its outbound data transfer settings remain unlimited and the agents can download packages from any source.


If the default site settings policy is applied to a site and you create another site settings policy and apply it to the same site, the computers in this site do not receive the second policy and continue to work according to the policy that was applied first.

To configure site settings
  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Notification Server > Site Server Settings.

  2. In the left pane, expand Site Server Settings, and do one of the following:


    • To create a custom site settings policy, right-click Targeted Site Settings, and then click New > Site Settings Policy.

    • To configure and enable the predefined Internet Site Settings or Non-Internet Site Settings policies, expand Targeted Site Settings, and then click the policy that you need.

  3. On the site settings policy page, configure the following options:


    Outbound Connection Settings

    The Number of simultaneous data transfers option lets you limit the number of outbound data transfers from a site to which the Symantec Management Agent belongs. This limitation lets you ensure that the download of many packages is completed even when the site has limited bandwidth.

    For example, at a site with 1000 devices, only 10 devices can download a package from outside of a site simultaneously.


    In a hierarchy, you can configure this option only on parent Notification Server. After you replicate the site settings policy to child Notification Server, this option cannot be edited.

    (Windows only) The Maximum overall transfer speed option lets you specify the maximum data transfer rate for the whole site. The agents of this site can use the specified speed for downloading packages from a source that is located outside of the site. The maximum data transfer rate for each downloading agent is calculated based on the specified Maximum overall transfer speed and the number of downloading agents.

    Prevent Downloads

    The Prevent Downloads options let you limit the sources from which the agents are allowed to download packages. For example, you can prevent package downloads directly from Notification Server.

    These options are available starting from IT Management Suite version 8.5 RU3.

    Applied to

    Specify a target for the site settings policy.


    The target of this policy must contain only Site resources. The policy does not work if its target contains Computer or User resources.

  4. Turn on the policy.

    At the upper right of the page, click the colored circle, and then click On.

  5. Click Save changes.

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