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How to set up a Jaspersoft Cluster - Immediate and Scheduler instances with Clarity


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Clarity PPM On Premise


 How to set up a Jaspersoft Cluster with Immediate and Scheduler Instance? I am reading the documentation and getting confused which options to pick when installing Jaspersoft


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Any of the reports nodes, no matter if Primary or not, can be either:

  • Immediate only (real time)
  • Scheduled only
  • Immediate and Scheduled (default)

So this question determines if you would like one or more of the nodes to be running Scheduled reports only (recommended) or have them all do both realtime reports and scheduled reports.

I suggest you select Yes and then when prompted on the server you would like, pick that it will be a Scheduler instance only. If you plan on 3 servers it may be a good idea to have 1 scheduler.

On both servers, for Dedicated Jaspersoft Instance, pick Yes

This will show you another question:
Do you want to make the current instance as report scheduler only instance?

Pick Yes on one of the servers and No on the other.


Here is a better explanation to this:



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