How to set up a Jaspersoft Cluster with Clarity
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How to set up a Jaspersoft Cluster with Clarity


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How many servers minimum we should have to setup a Jaspersoft Cluster? Please give me the steps to set this up.


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To have a cluster you need a minimum of 2 servers, one primary and one secondary. The difference between primary and secondary is that primary is the only one that will install a database. The secondary just installs the JS files and you indicate an existing JS database to connect to. 

If you install 2 standalone servers you will have to have a separate schema for each, which is undesirable, or switch it etc.  It's just simpler to use the cluster primary and secondary from the beginning. 
So in summary, you need 1 primary server that installs the database and at least 1 secondary. The amount of secondary servers is not limited and you can add them even at a later time.

What needs to be done is : 

1. Follow the steps to install 1 primary server and its schema from here:

2. Then install 1 or more secondary servers.

3. Deploy the jaspersoft keystore on Clarity server by running:

admin jaspersoft kestore

4. Copy the resulting keystore to all the Jaspersoft servers in $JSTomcat\webapps\reportservice\WEB-INF\config  and to all Clarity servers in $clarity\META-INF\reporting\store

5. Run the content install command from the Clarity server

admin content-jaspersoft csk -username superuser -password superuser -retryCount 50

6. Run the job Create and Update JS Users

Additional Information

How to set up a Jaspersoft Cluster with Immediate and Scheduler Instance?

Any of the report nodes, no matter if Primary or not, can be either:
Immediate only (real time)
Scheduled only
Immediate and Scheduled (default)

So this question determines if you would like one or more of the nodes to be running Scheduled reports only (recommended) or have them all do both realtime reports and scheduled reports.

I suggest you select Yes and then when prompted on the server you would like, pick that it will be a Scheduler instance only. If you plan on 3 servers it may be a good idea to have 1 scheduler.

On both servers, for Dedicated Jaspersoft Instance, pick Yes

This will show you another question:
Do you want to make the current instance as a report scheduler only instance?
Pick Yes on one of the servers and No on the other.