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Accessing the ServicePoint JSON file


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Analyzing the documentation on REST API arose a doubt in one of the steps described in the "For testing the REST APIs, follow the steps:"

3. Download the JSON file from CA Service Point REST API page and paste it inside the dist folder.

We are trying to download the JSON but do not see a link to download. 


Release : 17.3



Due to the JSON file content being rendered in the documentation page display, one will need to access the JSON file content in a roundabout way.

1.  Go into the URL for the ServicePoint REST API using the Chrome Web Browser, or any browser with Developer Tools functionality.

2.  From here, in Chrome, Press Control-Shift-I which will bring up the Developer Tools.

3.  Scroll through the content in the Developer Tools until you find an entry that starts with "Open-API Options".  This is where the JSON file content starts.


4.  You will need to copy and paste the entire text block into a text editor of your choice.

5.  From there you need to cleanup the json to contain only the swagger data.  Delete the "Open-API options: {..." all the way to and including " "spec": ".

6.  At the end of the file you delete one "}"

7.  Save it and you are all set, you have your json file.

Additional Information

For purposes of convenience, we have attached a text file that contains the JSON file content.  The file name extension should be changed from "txt" to "json" to allow the file to be used in REST Web Services.  The file content is accurate as of Sept 16, 2020, but may be out of date with respect to any current JSON file content.


CA Service Point REST API


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