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Prompts for credentials over and over again when browsing a repository Web Viewer 14.0


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Output Management Web Viewer


After a new install of Web Viewer 14.0, Web Viewer comes up and users can login.  A new repository is created successfully.

However, when attempting to browse this repository, the web interface returns back to the logon screen and asks for credentials again and even when the credentials are valid, it does not accept them and returns to the logon screen, again and again and again, no matter how many times they are entered.

When looking in the sysout/log there are error messages stating invalid credentials provided, but valid and correct credentials are being supplied to the logon screen when browsing the repository


This symptom usually indicates that surrogate security has not be set up properly for the mainframe security package.


Security is not checked at the time you create the repositories. It is checked when accessing them.

In the manual, there is documentation on that setup with example commands for the different security types. See Security Requirements in the online documentation.

To troubleshoot, make sure the output you are sending to CA View from the Tomcat task includes the STDOUT DSN, which is where the security errors are generated.

Also, under the CAWVHOME (/_PRDS/VIEWV/CAVIEW/../LOCAL/CAWVHOME) directory, make sure these 2 files are present: ConfigFile.cfg log4j2.xml