websphere_mq probe configuration cannot be saved and throws errors
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websphere_mq probe configuration cannot be saved and throws errors


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Currently we are in the midst of configuring websphere_mq monitoring on our monitoring environment. Currently we implement it on Linux server and using websphere_mq version 2.22 probe version. During the setup, we have tried to change the "Channel Status" metric config setup to activate "Publish alarm" and "Publish data". Unfortunately, when we saved the configuration, seems like the setup are reverted back to deactivate.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - WEBSPHERE_MQ

- websphere probe v2.22


- Via the Admin Console, websphere_mq probe configuration changes are dependent upon ppm, baseline_engine and prediction_engine.


The websphere_mq probe relies on the ppm, baseline_engine and prediction_engine when saving the configuration in the Admin Console. The ppm, baseline_engine and prediction_engine probes MUST be deployed and remain enabled on the parent hub of the robot where websphere_mq is deployed. At some point in the past, these configuration saving issues started occurring, so its possible someone disabled the baseline and prediction_engine probes for some reason.

Also, if PPM, gets 'out-of-sync' and throws a PPM-023 error, when trying to save the configuration change(s), then ppm needs to be cold started (Deactivate-Activate).

If the baseline_engine and prediction_engine are disabled, in the Admin Console the websphere_mq probe may appear to save the changes initially, but in a few minutes, the change(s) will revert back as if they were never changed in the websphere_mq template.

Once we enabled baseline_engine, prediction_engine and cold started ppm, then made a change to the template and saved it, the changes persisted.


1. Enable baseline_engine
2. Enable prediction_engine
3. Deactivate ppm
4. Activate ppm
5. Make changes to the template (in this case), to enable Publish alarms for some QOS
6. Save the changes
7. Wait up to 5 minutes for probe interval to pass and check to make sure the changes persist.