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How to Disable Runscope Test Schedules During Maintenance Window then Enable the Schedules at the End of Maintenance


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Need to know how to turn of all the scheduled Runscope tests for a team during a maintenance window then resume all the schedules at the end of the maintenance window.


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Currently there is no direct way to pause the schedules of test runs.  However there are some indirect ways that you can do it.

You can delete the schedules of the tests when you want to "pause" them, and then re-create those schedules again when you want to "un-pause" them.  We provide a sample script for this here ( ) which uses the Runscope API ( ) to save, delete and re-create the schedules as needed.

The application would have to be executed for all buckets in a team to pause your schedules at the start of the maintenance window, then executed again to resume the schedules at the end of the maintenance window.  It would have to be executed for all buckets in the Runscope teams that are affected by the maintenance.

Instead of deleting the schedules you can Modify the Environments ( ) those schedules use to temporarily disable all of the Locations within those Environments.  If a test has no Locations enabled on it, it will not run.  When you are ready to run the test again, you can modify the Environment again and re-enable the Locations.  


Additional Information

If you have a daily maintenance window that you want the test not to run in, you can create Runscope tests to stop the schedule and restart the schedule again and use a scheduler like cron to activate those tests at the proper times. To activate a test, use the trigger URL as explained in this article.