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Modern UX - Microsoft Edge - Not possible to configure fields in certain tabs


Article ID: 199112


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Product: Clarity PPM
Keywords: Modern UX; Microsoft Edge Browser; Configure Fields

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Use Microsoft Edge Browser (Version 42.17134.1.0 (Windows 10) or above)
2. Navigate to Modern UX
3. Navigate to Risks tab of a Project
4. Click on a record. Click on Details. Click on Configure
5. Try to drag and drop a field into the Details tab

Expected Results: Fields move dynamically from the Available list into the Details tab

Actual Results: Fields are frozen. They do not move when dragged.
Please note that the same behaviour can be observed in other tabs such as Assignments, Issues, Changes and custom subobjects of projects (including status reports)


This is caused due to a defect with ID DE57721.


Version: 15.8.1


The defect has been fixed in 15.9.0.