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Project Indicator does not update when using a Weblink to navigate to a different Workspace


Article ID: 199109


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Product: Rally
Keywords: Project Indicator; Weblink

When we use a Weblink to navigate to a different workspace, the Project Indicator at the top does not update. Its context remains in the previous Workspace's Project. However, if we click on the Weblink again, the Workspace and the corresponding Project Indicator does get updated.

This is illustrated through a set of screenshots below.

1. We click on the Weblink named "Workspace", located in the "Onboarding Project"

2. We get navigated to a different Project/Workspace, but that does not get updated in the Project Indicator on the top. Note that the "Project" field has value "Sample Project", but the bar on the top has "Onboarding Project"

3. We click on the Weblink from Screenshot 1 again. Now, notice how the bar on top, and the "Project" field both have value "Sample Project".


Due to a defect with ID DE57748.


Rally SaaS


The defect is being reviewed by Product Management.