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Incorrect information on PAM Dashboard under Credential Management for Synchronized and Unsynchronized Accounts


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We can't make sense out of the numbers shown in the Credential Management section of the PAM dashboard. In section "Elements Under Management" we have a total number of Privileged Accounts and A2A Accounts, which add up to the total number of accounts we see when we go to Credentials > Manage Targets > Accounts. But the numbers for "Synchronized Accounts" and "Unsynchronized Accounts" under Credential Management don't add up. The sum is much smaller than the total number of accounts. Even when we add the number for "Passwords Not Verified", assuming that maybe "Synchronized Accounts" refers to the number of verified accounts, it doesn't come out right. Either the numbers or their labels must be wrong.


Release : 3.3



The numbers are correct, but the labels are abbreviated in a misleading way. The number labelled "Synchronized Accounts" actually refers to the number of "Synchronized accounts with expired passwords", which typically is a small subset of synchronized accounts. Similarly the number labelled "Unsynchronized Accounts" actually is the number of "Unsynchronized accounts with expired passwords".


The labels are expected to be fixed in PAM 3.4.2+ and PAM 3.5+.

For now just keep in mind that the labels are misleading. Note that you may have only one, or even none, of these labels on your dashboard. What you see on the dashboard depends on your data, see the Credential Management section on documentation page