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CAPC IP Domains have all SS after Spectrum upgrade


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After upgrading Spectrum to 10.4.1 or 20.2 (aka 10.4.2) we found that the CAPC IPDomains had all SpectroSERVERs in them.  Prior to the upgrade, we had one IPDomain for every two SS.  Now when we look all IPDomains have all SS in them.  This appears to have created duplicates in the data aggregator in performance manager.


A new attribute in Spectrum was created on the IPDomains named PCGUID.

When the upgrade is done, a full Sync is run. Spectrum tries comparing the PCGUID and performs the sync. The IPdomains in 10.3.2 do not have PCGUID and comparison fails. Since it's a full sync, CAPC marks all entries in dst_domain table(on CAPC side) for spectrum with UpdatedOn=0, and then update UpdatedOn=NOW for ip domains sent from spectrum. Since Spectrum is not sending any because it's a new/blank attribute, CAPC deletes all dst_domain entries from Spectrum, so Spectrum recreates them with all SS.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Before upgrading, change the IPDomain searches to search for Model Handle greater than <the landscape handle> and less than <the last entry in the landscape handle> and add all SpectroSERVERs.

For instance, if landscape 1 is 0x100000, and you want a custom IPDomain to only contain landscape 1, then set the search to be:


Model_Handle greater than 0x100000
Model_Handle less than 0x1ffffff