Problem using DataManager with binary data types
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Problem using DataManager with binary data types


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am tried to make a subset but DATA MAKER doesn't insert the script at the columns that are of the type binary.
I tried to put the script manually and doesn't work.
When I try to make a publication of the data TDM gives an error.

The same happen when I tried to make the data publication and give an error too.

example error:

when we try and run a query that specifies a binary column name such as:
SELECT last_mod_by  FROM [dbo].z_ciclo_de_vida_cr
We get the following error:

This column's data type (last_mod_by) requires the use of an embedded SQL statement.

SELECT last_mod_by FROM [dbo].z_ciclo_de_vida_cr

Title: Data Source

Database Information Message: 

when we try and publish we get

We can see you are getting an ERROR:
@seqlov(0,Q1,last_mod_by)@ Invalid Column - Not in list] which is invalid or unresolved.

Original Datapainter value:
@seqlov(0,@sqllist(S,"SELECT * FROM [dbo].z_ciclo_de_vida_cr  L0 WHERE ID IN ( ~IdCicloVida~ )")@,~COLUMN_NAME~)@

So it would appear that your SQLLIST is returning Q1.
and the column name is being resolved correctly to Last_mod_by.



GT DataMaker 4.6.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x

Component: CA Test Data Manager


This is a limitation of the PowerBuilder toolset


It is not possible to use seqlov with binary data types due to PowerBuilder limitations in GT DataMaker.
PowerBuilder uses datawindows that do not work well with these datatypes. 

Customer should use the portal instead of DataMaker