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CA1 - CCSR010E TMSESTAE S0C1 at 00000002


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Since the maintenance on CA1 was applied during the backup of HSMs the following messages are displayed and CA1 detects the 0C1 abend:

20241 10:01:32.56 STC48417 00000090  ARC0353I TAPE VOLUME P75661 SUCCESSFULLY ADDED TO 600                   
                       600 00000090  ARC0353I (CONT.) DFSMSHSM'S RACF TAPE VOLUME SET                        
20241 10:01:32.62 STC48417 00000090 *TMS009  IEC501A M B705,P75661,SL,COMP,DFHSM,DFHSM,DFHSM.BACKTAPE.DATASET
20241 10:01:32.62 STC48417 00080094 *IEC501A M B705,P75661,SL,COMP,DFHSM,DFHSM,DFHSM.BACKTAPE.DATASET        

20241 10:01:32.89 STC48417 00000090  IEFTMS98 CA 1 HAS DETECTED A SYSTEM ABEND 0C1, ALL CA 1 OUTSTANDING     
                                     ENQUEUES HAVE BEEN RELEASED                                             
20241 10:01:32.90 STC48417 00000090  CCSR010E TMSESTAE S0C1 at 00000002 LMOD N/A CSECT N/A +N/A DFHSM N/A    
20241 10:01:32.90 STC48417 00000090  CCSR061I PSW: 00000000 00000000 070C2000 00000002                       
20241 10:01:32.91 STC48417 00000090  CCSR062I ILC: 02 INTERRUPT CODE: 01                                     
20241 10:01:32.91 STC48417 00000090  CCSR067I COMPLETION CODE S0C1 REASON CODE 00000001                      


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management



When the maintenance is applied on CA1 and the modules are copied from SMP target library to the link-list, a great attention should be payed that the L0E0INIT and TMSRIM were correctly copied.

L0E0INIT is an alias of TMSRIM in the CTAPLINK library. Browsing the CTAPLINK library both modules should have the same length and show that L0E0INIT is an ALIAS of TMSRIM .