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user-defined passive ports for FTPS do not get saved.


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Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA


Command to change the passive ports is not working. 

#reporter ftps pasv-ports

Enter range (up to 100 contiguous ports between 9000 and 65535) <first port>-<last port>
Restart FTPS via GUI should activate these settings however they are not updating.



This is Reporter 10.3.X.X's bug RPT-455 and Reporter 10.5.X.X's bug RPT-843


Reporter version 10.3.X.X or 10.5.X.X'



Workaround : It is possible change the pasv-ports manually in the conf file by using ftps edit.

reporter# ftps edit

locate pasv port and change in port range and save the file. (Once you have modified a file, press [Esc] shift to the command mode and press :wq and hit [Enter]. to save the file)

# pasv min/max ports and actual data/command (listen) ports are appended here
# secure pasv port range
pasv_min_port=9000            <----
pasv_max_port=9010           <----
# command and data ports

[Note] 100 ports is limit.  


Need to restart the with # ftps stop and # ftps start or # ftps restart command.