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What is covered by CPOS and BCIS Advanced license?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You want to know about components that are covered by CachePulse Optimization Service (CPOS) and BCIS Advanced license.


On the Broadcom entitlement portal, the CPOS license will look like the one below:


Description - CachePulse Optimization Service, SWG Edition Virtual Appliance with 16 cores, 1 yr subscription


While BCIS Advanced license will look like the one below:


Description - BCIS Advanced Web Security with Risk Controls and Web Applications for SWG, Subscription, 25,000-49,999 Users, 1 YR


Below are the component that's been covered by the above licenses:

  1. Cache Pulse (CPOS)
  2. Threat Risk Level
  3. Security Categorization
  4. GeoIP
  5. Classification 
  6. Categorization 

Additional Information

There is another license for 'Application Attribute' and this license does not been covered by the two licenses mentioned above. This falls under the 'CASB-Audit' license that needs to be purchased separately. You can refer to this KB for more details -