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How to change the "Reset Password" URL Action for Virtual Analyst


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When using the Virtual Analyst chat and entering "Reset Password", the link provided is taking me to  How can this URL be changed?



Service Management 17.3 - Virtual Analyst

All Supported Operating Systems


Perform the following on the xFlow server:

1. Navigate to xFlow Home>/APPS/Services/collabmicroservice-/conf directory

2.  Open the 'messages.en-US' file with a text editor

3.  Near the bottom of the file, modify the following three lines to include the required URL

BCF0032 = Click on this link to reset your password  

BCF0033 = Goto this page to reset your password   Reset password

BCF0034 = Reset your password here   Password reset

4.  Save changes to the file

5.  Restart xFlow service

6.  Clear web browser cache

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