When using Javeling Flow through TDM the process does not fail correctly.
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When using Javeling Flow through TDM the process does not fail correctly.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


if I run this Javelin workflow through a tile in CA TDM portal (after creating data pool using Data Maker and exposing it), the Job is getting ‘Completed’ instead of ‘Failed’.

Below is the .bat file content. I am trying to fail the .bat file explicitly giving Exit code as 1 or anything apart from exit code 0 which signifies batch success. 

echo "Start creating CD_ALL.xlsx">>C:\log.txt
cscript C:\MergeAll.vbs
if %errorlevel% NEQ 10 GOTO :error

GOTO :success
echo "There was an error.">>C:\log.txt
echo "Exit the program" >>C:\log.txt

echo "CD_ALL Macro run completed">>>C:\log.txt

The flow attached works correctly through Javelin directly just not through TDM portal.


TRM 4.8.X 4.9.x

Component: CA Test Data Manager


The portal monitors the environment.Exitcode variable for failures.



In the javelin flow, you need to set Environment.ExitCode :

you need to enable "Success Required" and "Synchronous Call" (in DM) or "Wait for Completion" (in Portal) options for the publish action

Once this was done when I ran the publish through the 4.9.x Portal I received the following logs

Publish Job: 23
Data Pool: DataPool1
TDMPublish, version:
DB Repository, version:
Start date and time: 2020/09/08 11:09:09
Publish to: TGT

Publish to: Database: TestingDB and Schema:  using Profile: TDMP temp database
Number of tables to publish: 1
Repeat count: 1
Publish folder: C:\ProgramData\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\\Jobs\

Status Table                          Table Location                 Seq Rows Comments 
------ -----                          ----- --------                 --- ---- -------- 
Publish TestCases                      dbo                            1 1 


Logging progress at: 2020/09/08 11:09:10
1 row(s) inserted into table TestCases
0 generated duplicate row(s) removed for table TestCases
0 error(s) for table TestCases

action type not supported
Warning action JavelinFlow failed: action type not supported
Workflow Publish Action: No variables file is registered
{}: xmlFilename: {}, flowFilename: {}, varFilename: {}
{}: action: {}, haveRegisteredVars: {}, useScriptVars: {}, usePublishedVars: {}, table: {}, maxRecords: {}
{}: cmd to run: {} not using published data or script 
Warning action JavelinFlow failed: exitVal: 1 error output: C:\POC\POC\MergeAll.vbs(4, 1) Microsoft Excel: Sorry, we couldn't find C:\POC\POC\CD_MACRO.xlsm1. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?



Additional Information

Using the Javelin end flow function is not picked up by the portal as a failure.