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Discover scans are filling the ContentExtractionTemp directory with temp files. Disk is full.


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Data Loss Prevention Discover Suite


  • After scanning large targets and experiencing some FileReader restarts, you notice that the C:\ drive on the discover detection server is utilizing much more disk space than normal.
  • Investigation shows that the C:\Users\<protectUser>\AppData\Local\Temp folder is full of temporary files
  • Deleting these brings the disk down to the expected consumed space, however the disk begins to fill again when scheduled scanning resumes



Release : 15.x


In the Enforce console:

  1. Navigate to Servers and Detectors Overview
  2. Click on the Discover Server you wish to configure
  3. Click the Server Settings button
  4. Locate the field: ContentExtraction.TemporaryDirectory
  5. Enter a drive and path of a folder you wish to use (folder will be created if it doesn't exist)
  6. Save the settings and recycle the detection server service

You should now find that temp files no longer accumulate on the drive over time.