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Days to Hours conversion


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In Clarity PPM a client uses days and hours partially together. Using days with the Timesheets and hours with the project. This is how it has been set it up but it does not work for all the scenarios. For example doing the following:

Resource availability = 8 hrs
Resource calendar per day hours= 8 hrs
Standard calendar per day hours = 7.5 hrs
Timesheet work effort = Days

Now if the resource fills a timesheet with a total as 5 days then that gets divided to 1 day each which is as expected.
However over the project the actuals are 37.5 hours against that timesheet.

It  is not calculating hours based on base calendar associated with that the resource. 


The hours are being calculated base on the standard calendar and not the resource's associated base calendar which is a child of the standard calendar. So the calculated hours is 37.5 and not 40 hours


Release : 15.7, 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.8.1



At present this is said to be working as designed.