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Performance Issues when launching Project Hierarchy Tab with Custom Attribute Configured - Postgres


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The Project Hierarchy Tab spins and eventually shows a popup with a system error message on a PostgreSQL environment. 

  • The overall system performance may degrade if there are multiple people accessing projects with one or more children in the hierarchy. 
  • Eventually, the system will get an out-of-memory error and cause the node to auto-restart.


  1. Configure at least 1 custom attribute on the Investment Rollup Object, Financial Rollup (Basic) page 
  2. From the Project Properties page, navigate to the Hierarchy tab on a project that has NO children 
  3. The page returns as expected  
  4. From the Project Properties page, navigate to the Hierarchy tab on a project that has one or more children  

Expected Results: The page returns as expected with the list of children in the view.  

Actual Results: Depending on the number of children and the number of overall investments, it just spins.  

Sometimes it will cause the popup system error message to show up and eventually you may experience a 'service unavailable' message for a few minutes while the system restarts automatically due to an out of memory issue caused by this action. 


PostgresSQL /GCP Clarity SaaS Environments

Release 15.8.1


This happens when the Investment Rollup object has a custom attribute configured on the Financial Rollup (Basic) page. 


This issue is under review with Sustaining Engineering for a fix

Workaround: Remove all custom attributes from the view by restoring the view to the system default. 

Doing this will ensure the attribute is removed from the code generation for the page display. 

  1. Go to Classic Clarity->Administration->Views 
  2. Search for view: Financial Rollup (Basic) - List View 
  3. Check the box next to it  
  4. Click 'Restore Defaults' 
  5. Check the box next to it
  6. Click 'Publish' 

Additional Information

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