How does Performance Management select items for Table Views
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How does Performance Management select items for Table Views


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The Performance Management Table Views provide a Max Rows option that stops at 1,000 rows.

If a Group containing more than 1000 items, how does it determine which 1000 items to display in the resulting View?


All supported Performance Management releases


Performance Management runs the View report against all members of the Group it's set against.

With a Max Rows limit of 1000 items configured, we use a limit call against the returned result set.

Those selected are the first 1000 rows based on the SQL order statement which is derived from the Views configured Sort Direction.

If Sort Direction is set to Ascending or Descending, it would be the first 1000 that matched that sort order for the returned values in the result set.

Note that if the Group membership is less than the Max Rows configured on the View, all items with data should be returned.