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Cannot find recent outages in Outage Editor


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CA Spectrum


The OneClick web page Outage Editor does not display any recent outages of some devices. 


There are duplicate model handles in the model table and in which it has been repeated to the same model.

mysql> select count(m.model_key) from model m inner join model m1 on m.model_h = m1.model_h and m.model_name = m1.model_name and m.destroy_time is not null and m1.destroy_time is null;
| count(m.model_key) |
|               7524 |
1 row in set (4.30 sec)

The customer recalled that they had an issue in June, where when they enable the UIM bidirectional integration all the SystemEDGE hosts were replaced by UIM Host models. Hence they disabled the UIM bidirectional and restored the SSdb to recover the SystemEDGE hosts.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Reporting


Initialize the reporting database.

a) Go to the OneClick + SRM (Spectrum Report Manager) machine.

b) Open a bash shell (bash -login)

c) Stop the Spectrum Tomcat service via Windows Services (services.msc)

d) In a bash shell, navigate to the $SPECROOT/bin/ directory.

cd bin

e) Run the following syntax to initialize the reporting database:

./RpmgrInitializeLandscape.bat root root -initHist 45 -all

Ensure no error is displayed while running the RpmgrInitializeLandscape.bat script.

f) Start the Spectrum Tomcat service via Windows Services (services.msc)