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Upgrading to version 8.6 from 8.5: where is the doc?


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Uprading from CA GEN 8.5 to 8.6, please provide information on the documentation links needed to start the installation for release 8.6.


CA Gen, release 8.6


Documentation links provided....

This link talks about upgrading to a new release:

Please see this link to the documentation which has the overall steps needed to install via CSM or via the pax file:

If you choose to install via a pax file, please follow these steps to run the SAMPJCL jobs:

Regarding downloading the CA GEN 8.6 product for z/OS, under 'Product Downloads', please choose the CA GEN Encyclopedia Server. Then, when you actually click on the title on the left, you will see this as one of the options: CA Gen for z/OS r8.6 Media DVD03150954E.pax.Z