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Control Center not using new TLS certificate


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Messaging Gateway


After modifying the TLS certificate used the the Control Center web service in Administration  >  Control Center  >  Certificates, the old TLS certificate is still used by the SMG Control Center web application.


The Control Center web application has not been restarted.


Messaging Gateway


After modifying the certificate to be used by the Control Center web application in Administration  >  Control Center  >  Certificates, the Control Center web application needs to be restarted to load the updated certificate configuration. To restart the Control Center web application either:

  1. Restart the Control Center appliance / VM
    1. Go to the Administration > Shutdown page
    2. select the Control Center host in the pull down menu
    3. click 'Reboot'
  2. Restart the Control Center web application from the admin command line by running the following command:
    service controlcenter restart