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UIM snmpcollector templates not being applied correctly


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


A snmpcollector template was either updated or another created with the result of either the template only partially being applied or not applied at all.


Release : 20.x



Two possibilities are either load and or communication failure. 


Possible solutions: 
1 Go to AC Admin Console > select the hub with snmpcollector > click the three dots menu for snmpcollector and select View Probe Utility in New Window > from the command list select > apply_templates > click the green arrow. 

2 At the hub with snmpcollector deactivate snmpcollector, ppm, and baseline_engine. 
At the primary hub, and if there are any hubs inbetween the primary hub and the hub with snmpcollector, deactivate ppm, and baseline_engine. 
At each delete the contents of: 
Activate each instance of snmpcollector, ppm, and baseline_engine.

3 Too many robots and or other high load probes at the hub may prevent the templates from being applied, and should be moved to another hub. 

4 In some cases the template is correctly applied but the probe configure GUI fails to show the change, when this happens it may be necessary to restart the hub. 

Additional Information

The process flow starts at the browser which communicates to the primary hub, to the secondary hub with snmpcollector, and then back again. Both ppm & baseline_engine are involved. Additionally ppm has a cache at:


The deactivate activate process clears that cache. It is also possible there is a break in the communication which the hub restart re-established.