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Passing parameters to the "run program" operator


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Within CA Process Automation , the transmitted parameters for a function contain characters with accents (ç, ã, õ, é, ...) and the parameters that the program receives have other strange characters and not those that were sent.

How should I pass the parameters in these cases?


Release : 17.2

Component : Process Automation


The problem is caused by the difference in character code pages between the servers - forcing the correct code page solves this.


By adding the line

C:\Windows\System32\chcp 1252

to both the top of the inline script and as a one-line "profile.bat" script on the server that is referenced in the Profile field of the Script Attributes section, this is then working. It is necessary to tell the system to use a character code page that supports these characters. It's necessary to include the full path to the chcp command as this is executed before the path mappings are picked up.