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CDA: Missing Database tables since v10


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In  v9 (9.02)  CDA Version the database table pkg_app is available. 

After the upgrade to CDA 12.3 (v10 or 10.03) this table is not available anymore. 

This table was used for Reporting purposes using both System and Reporting database tables.

Can you please let us know what functions are affected and if there are more tables that are deleted during the upgrade? 



Release : 12.3 (CDA 10.03)

Component : CDA 


Database Schema changed between v9 and v10 



CDA database schema changed indeed on version 10 and this table does no longer exist as per the following Product Enhancement Request to  PMARA-9177 - Improve DB-Cleanup

The schema of the system CDA database is defined in the sql file that corresponds to your database ( SQL server or oracle)



Currently, CDA DB schema information is not documented or public as it is subject to changes between versions as the one observed between CDA 12.2 and CDA 12.3 (v9 and v10).

Product Management confirmed that on the next major CDA release (v21), the DB Schema documentation will be public and documented

Additional Information

CDA Tables that were removed on v10:


InstalledPkgComp Remove  
PackageContent Remove  
Custom Properties  Remove via CustomValues table
Pkg_App Remove  
PkgWfInst Remove  
Pkg_Pkg Remove  
PkgMls Remove B_PkgMls (RmObject)
  Remove B_Package(RmObject)
  Remove PkgMlsDpd (RmObject)
  Remove PkgMls (RmObject)
Activity Disconnect  
Pkg_Act Remove  
TmplAct Disconnect  
TmplAct_Pkg Remove  
EnvironmentComparison Remove  
SkippedPatch Remove  
ExecutionSkippedPatch Remove  
Package Remove Insert into DeletedRmObject