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Benefit Cost plan Variance incorrect after upgrade


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After upgrade from 15.4.1 to 15.8, old Benefit Cost Plan Variance is incorrect. New plans have it correct. Reslicing the slice corrects the variance, however the formula used is different.

The current Benefit plan in question is created in 15.4.1 and the planned and realized benefit on few KPI’s were created in 15.4.1. so, the variance on each KPI in slice table ‘ODF_SSL_BFT_DTL_VBFT’ is calculated by time slicing as ‘Planned – Realized Benefit’. 

But after upgrade to 15.8, if you create a few more KPI’s, the variance is calculated as ‘Realized – Planned Benefit’. So, the result variance on each KPI which were created in 15.4.1 is having an opposite sign in slice table when compared to the ones created in 15.8 and this is the reason the overall variance is showing the incorrect value.

The only way we found so far to fix this is by manually changing the Planned/Realized benefit, the variance recalculated using the new formula. Looks like the variance is getting calculated only when there is an update on respective Planned/Realized benefit.


  • Is this an expected change in formula?
  • Is there an automatic way to push all existing Benefit plans to use this new formula for Variance?


Release : 15.8.1



This formula changed as part of a fix for defect DE50493 (Benefit Plan Variance Calculation Incorrect). See more details in KB: Benefit Plan Variance Calculation Incorrect


We recommend "re-saving" of old benefit plans to make use of the new formula.

The save should happen on Planned / Realized Benefit only, in order to re-calculate variance properly. The variance is updated only when either of those two changes. So other changes will not affect the variance attribute.

Currently, it's not possible to automate the change via a database script. Our recommendation is to manually update the fields from the UI to correct the variances.