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Upgrade To Portal 4.5 Results In Account Plan Limit Exceeded Errors


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CA API Developer Portal


After upgrading to portal version 4.5 and updating the portal integration components via

Policy Manager -> Tasks -> Extensions and Add-Ons  -> Update Portal Integration


We started to see policies fail with the following error:


Account plan limit exceeded



Portal 4.5


This was due to a bug with the 'Update Portal Integration' component as it was overwriting the 'Account Plans Fragment' with a default version from when a new proxy is initially deployed.



Revert the Account Plan Fragment back to the version which was in place prior to the Update Portal Integration task being executed.

From Policy Manager -> Right click the 'Account Plans Fragment' -> Choose 'Revision History' -> choose the previous version of the fragment which was in place prior to updating the portal integration components and select the 'Set Active' button

This will put back in place the appropriate version of the Account Plans Fragment.

Additional Information

Our development team has created a fix for this situation which will be included in the Portal 5.0 release.