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Device in Performance Management shows the wrong IP or device name


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I have come across some Routers which are no longer displaying in Performance Center.

The Routers are still in the Data Aggregator Inventory, are still collecting data, but am unable to open a Device or Interface Context Page report in Performance Center using the Device name in a global search.

When searching for the router IP address in Performance Center, it appears to be correlating the router to a different unique and unrelated device, in this case an F5 Load Balancer.

Also when using the global search for the Routers name, some of the interfaces are showing up under the "Addresses" section, but when selecting the interfaces they claim to belong to the Load Balancer device incorrectly.

Both devices are synchronized to Performance Center and the Data Aggregator through the Spectrum integration Data Source.


All supported Performance Management releases


The two devices in the Data Aggregator both share one or more IP addresses with the device(s) synchronized from Spectrum.

When that takes place the devices are incorrectly reconciled in Performance Center due to the common IP used among the devices.


This is resolved starting with the r3.7.2 release of Performance Management via the following defect. Upgrade to the latest available release to obtain the fix for this problem.

Symptom: Device from spectrum incorrectly reconciles with Device from DA based on primary to secondary ip matching.
Resolution: Modified Primary to secondary matching logic for data sources that provide secondary ip list.  Modified reconciliation logic to give higher priority for primary matching and prevent multiple devices from same data sources to get consolidated.  If a primary IP matches with more than one devices secondary IP, it should be considered as an invalid match and devices should not be reconciled.
(3.7.2, DE419176, 01357333,01333613)

The upgrade will prevent future instances of the problem.

The upgrade will not fix existing Devices that are not correctly reconciled.

The following are the options to resolve this for already affected devices.

  • Until upgraded to a fixed release ensure no devices that have this common IP with more than one device are synchronized via the Spectrum integration for discovery in the Data Aggregator
  • After upgrading to prevent future occurrences the following are the options to fix already impacted devices.
    • Ensure that the common IP is known only to the correct devices, not two in Data Aggregator Inventory
    • Delete one of the two Data Aggregator devices involved from the Data Aggregator Inventory. If this is selected pre-upgrade, ensure the deleted device is not rediscovered until the upgrade is completed.

Additional Information

All customer submitted defects fixed in the product are listed in the Fixed Issues list in the documentation. It can be found here.