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EZAC0000 CA-EASYTRIEVE system error EVF9 has been encountered


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Easytrieve Report Generator


+EZAC0000 CA-EASYTRIEVE system error EVF9 has been encountered                  
+EZAC0001 Program execution cancelled                                           
IEF450I MEM30I08 MEMR041 MEM30I - ABEND=S000 U0020 REASON=C5E5C6F9  396         


CA Easytrieve Report Generator, release 11.6.


EVF9 is an abend generated by the virtual file manager (ETVFMP, ETVDSMP, ETVBMP) and it means: "Leading and trailing record lengths are not equal".

This was found to be a problem with the data in this case.  The lines of data in error were deleted and the problem resolved.

If this had been a problem with the amount of data, the recommendation would have been to use PARM WORKFILE(YES) in order to use report work files instead of the VFM files.