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Timesheet 'User Value 2' values truncated in Modern UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When Clarity Timesheet 'User Value 2' lookup attribute is used in the last column of the Modern UX Timesheet 'Return' page, values in the lookup drop-down list which exceed 26 characters are truncated and do not get displayed.


Release : 15.7.1

Component : CA PPM Timesheet


1. Populate the out of the box static lookup 'Time Entry User Lookup field 2' with a value like these examples:

    'Hours Increased - Incorrect Posted to a project'
    'Hours Decreased - Booked to wrong project'
    'Hours Increased - PM Change'

2. In PPM Classic, Navigate to 'Timesheet Options' page and under 'Default Content and Layout' section move the attribute 'User Value 2' from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns' so that it is the attribute listed at the        bottom 

3. Navigate to the Modern UX Timesheet page and Submit and approve Timesheet. Next 'Return' Timesheet back 
4. On the Timesheet 'Return' page you find that the 'User Value 2' attribute is listed as the last column on the page 
5. Now click on the 'User Value 2' lookup value selection area to list values in the lookup 


Expected Results: All values entered in the lookup in step 1 (above) display fully. 

Actual Results: Lookup Values with characters longer than 26 are cut off and do not display the full value. 

Workaround: Move 'User Value 2' attribute two columns to the left on the Timesheet Return page so it is not the last column. 


Resolved in 15.7.1 Service Pack 4