Common Services: SO13976 implementation query


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CA Common Services for z/OS


Question about HYPER fix SO13976, after receiving and applying the fix, there is no information to know how to implement the fix.

Can the fix be dynamically applied with an LLA refresh, or are there other steps required (an IPL, bouncing tasks etc)?

Also are there any other information about the issue the PTF fixes?   


Common Services 14.1 & 15.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



The implementation instructions are:

Deploy updated CAW0LOAD, Refresh LLA if necessary and issue command ENF REFRESH(CASR230)

The basic problem is that a control block change in DB2 r12 was not coded for in ENF/DB2, and there is a small chance that an abend can occur in module CASR230J because of this, but if that abend occurs there will be a very large CSA overlay.

So the risk of it occurring is very small, but the consequences are big.