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UIM SNMPcollector template editor cannot copy or save changes to templates


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When using the snmpcollector template editor, the editor can open and change the templates but when the save button is pressed nothing is saved and the save button remains active.

The save button is generating a put ajax which is not producing the expected JSON response but rather a 505 response.


A possible cause of this issue could be corruption in the load-balancer configuration. This can be verified if the actions on the server directly to the wasp adminconsoleapp work as expected and the issue only affects connections to the adminconsoleapp via load-balancer. 


Release : 20.1



If the snmpcollector template editor works fine when executed directly connecting to the adminconsoleapp wasp, without any load-balancer in the middle and it occurs only while actually connecting via a load balancer then, most likely, the reason for this issue might be corruption of the configuration of the load balancer. 

- Check the load balancer configuration

- Force a conifuguration sync between the load-balancer nodes