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Why do we see Tracing Reads/Writes messages in our VNM.OUT log?


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We see the entries below in our VNM.OUT file. Why are they generated?

Sep 01 12:57:11 : Tracing Reads: IP =  SDA =  MH = 0x131a1e6 Attr = 0x50 count  = 0
Sep 01 12:57:11 : Tracing Writes: MH = 0x131a1e6 Attr = 0x1322b count  = 50
Sep 01 12:57:11 : Tracing Reads: IP =  SDA =  MH = 0x13126e1 Attr = 0x50 count  = 0
Sep 01 12:57:11 : Tracing Writes: MH = 0x13126e1 Attr = 0x1322b count  = 50


Spectrum - All releases


There is a file named 'trace_read' in the  $SPECROOT/SS directory. This file will contain information to output the code that changes the value of an attribute for a model and is used in debugging. It' contents should look something like the following:

I 0x131a1e6 0x1322b 50 
W 0x131a1e6 0x1322b 50 
I 0x13126e1 0x1322b 50 
W 0x13126e1 0x1322b 50 

Where I is for Internal reading and W is for writing the stack.  There is also E for external trace reading. The second entry is the model handle.  The third entry is the attribute id that is being traced.  The fourth entry is the number of reads/writes that are to be done.  So in this instance the trace_read is tracking 2 models for attribute "Job_Not_Running" and Spectrum will dump a stack to the VNM.OUT when that attribute changes.


The file was probably created for a previous support case to gather diagnostic information. You can simply remove the file (or rename or move to another location) and the messages should stop appearing in the VNM.OUT log file.

No restart of the SpectroSERVER is required.