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Unable to properly map non snmp data to device models using Southbound Gateway.


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CA Spectrum


We tried to integrate our Syslog with spectrum using the

sbgwimport tool and able to receive events on the EventAdmin model but we are unable to map the events to device model.


Windows OS




The Southbound Gateway provides the sbgwimport tool to create events based on data from an xml file. The xml must contain the correct information when mapping non SNMP alert data to a Spectrum event. 



The device in Spectrum should populate the Network Address attribute with the correct ipaddress within the xml body. 

Use the following example
<Event eventType = "0x3c80004" targetAddress = ""
    eventAdminName = "MyTestAdmin" />
MyTestAdmin is the model name your EventAdmin model and the target address is the ip address of the model in Spectrum to redirect the event to.

Also ensure that the event is in the $SPECROOT/SS/CsVendor/gen_app_gw/EventAdmin/EventDisp file to tell southbound gateway to process the event for Southbound gateway purposes.

Finally, update the overall alert and event system. In OneClick, click Update Event Configuration on the SpectroServer control subview Information tab on the VNM model. 

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