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Saving SYSVIEW CNM4BDAT Datalib Values to Parmlib CNM4BPRM


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We have upgraded From R15 to R16.  We regularly warm start.
On the DLLIST panel, there ae several iterations (Bld) of each DataId.

1.  What do each Bld mean - 0940, 0980, 0990?

2.  Are all these entries needed?  If not, which are not needed and how do we clean these up?

3.  How can we save these to CNM4BPRM so that if a cold start is done, these values will be reinstated?


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


To save selected CNM4BDAT datalib members to the CNM4BPRM parmlib, you can execute the DLLIST command to list the members.  Please note that there may be multiple lines for each data id value and you should choose the

line that corresponds to the SYSVIEW version that you are actively using.   The following table has which Bld value on the DLLIST command corresponds to what release:

        Bld         Release

        0940     SYSVIEW 14.1

        0960     SYSVIEW 14.2

        0980     SYSVIEW 15.0

        0990     SYSVIEW 16.0


We would recommend making a backup of your SYSVIEW CNM4BPRM parmlib before making mass member exports from CNM4BDAT to it just to be prudent.

You will need to use the EXPort line command on the member that you want to save to the parmlib. 

After the EXPort command is entered, you will be prompted for the target library that you want to save the member to. This is where you will specify your SYSVIEW CNM4BPRM parmlib, and you will have an option to replace the member, YES in this case, which is what you want to do to save the values for the next cold start.  

Please note that the content of the member that is exported will not look the same as the default entry that was in CNM4BPRM previously.  The EXPort command will overwrite the member with ALL default values listed plus the ones that you have modified in the CNM4BDAT.    It is the same values that are used for the defaults in the original parmlib member  but just listed explicitly.