MOI Alert Data Collector for Alert Analysis by MOI Engineering


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CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence


Some MOI customers have experienced a large number of alerts that are creating "noise" that they would like to reduce in order to make better use of MOI's monitoring functionality. 

The instructions below along with the attached script will collect alert data from the customer's MOI appliance that can be used to analyze the volume of alerts being created along with the metrics that they are being created for. 

The analysis of the alert data will be performed by the MOI Engineering team once the collected alert data has been uploaded to a Support Case that has been opened for this activity.  


Release : 2.0



Script to extract MOI alerts data:

Note: During this extraction,  the MOI  moi-ui service will be restarted with no impact to the data feed or rest of the services. 


1) Download that is attached to this Knowledge Document
2) Copy it to MOI appliance host system (any directory e.g. /tmp/moi)
3) Run below command to unzip the file

    CMD: tar -xvf

5) Run below command to extract moi alerts, depending on the amount of data this script could take a few mins to complete.

    CMD: sh

6) On successful execution of this script, you will see the message 

[INFO] Attach /var/opt/moi/share/moi-alerts-data.tar.gz to the ticket

In case of any failure, please share the error message with us.

7) Please share the file    /var/opt/moi/share/moi-alerts-data.tar.gz     with Broadcom Support by uploading it to the Case that was created for the  alert data collection.

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