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Can CA XCOM messages for zEDC be disabled if zEDC is not being used?


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zEDC support for XCOM is not being used.
Is there any way to turn off or disable the various messages that XCOM issues in regards to zEDC being available, unavailable etc i.e.
XCOMM0934I zEDC hardware acceleration will be used for xxxxxxx 
XCOMM0935I zEDC hardware acceleration available for zlib xxxxxxx buffers >= nnnnnK 
XCOMM0936I zEDC hardware acceleration detected.  However, minimum xxxxxxx threshold nnnnnK excludes XCOM use
XCOMM0937I zEDC hardware acceleration not available or not configured for xxxxxxx


Release : 12.0
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


It is not possible to suppress the XCOM messages related to zEDC hardware which in the current design will display at each and every initialization of XCOMJOB and XCOMXFER. The messages are intended as a help to clarify whether hardware compression is available for the run which, apart from the availability of the hardware, depends on a number of factors outside of the control of XCOM.
There is also no current user option to enable/disable the use of the XCOM zEDC support feature.

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