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Clarity: Edit Location OBS Unit on Project List View erases Department OBS Unit for general properties page (removed from PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS table)


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When the Location OBS attribute is used on the Project List View for updating the Location OBS Unit, the Department OBS unit is erased from the Project general properties page (removes the record from the PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS table), however, the Department OBS unit remains in the Project, financial properties page (record in PAC_MNT_PROJECTS remains). The STR tested on NPIOs does not exhibit this behavior.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In the application, go to the Project List view, options, configure, layout to show the 'Location' OBS attribute ONLY ; do not put the 'Department' OBS attribute on the list view at this time
    Look at the configuration of Department / Location Data
  2. Home, Departments - open the Department and see all the Locations associated
  3. Go to the Project (Big Company Project), General Properties page; see the 'Department' OBS unit is already saved and can be seen
  4. Go to the Project, Financial Properties page ; see the 'Department' OBS unit and 'Location' OBS unit values are already saved and can be seen
  5. Change the 'Location' using in-line editing and click 'Save' button
    (Changed Big Company Project Location from 'Tokyo' to 'Hyderabad')
  6. Go to the Project, General Properties page to view the 'Department' OBS field
    The field is empty
  7. Go to the Project, Financial Properties page, the Department is still there

Expected Result:
Department OBS Unit on general properties remains.
Actual Result: Department OBS Unit on general properties is erased.


To fix the missing data, you can go to general properties page on the specific project, select the appropriate Department OBS unit, click 'Save' button. There is no workaround to prevent this issue when the field is configured on the list view, except to not add the field and not to allow editing on thefield.

This issue is only reproduced in Clarity v12 thru v13.2 and is not reproduced in Clarity 13.3 as per testing and verification by QA and development.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-73214, clarity13resolved, clarity133resolved.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus