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AAI - Insight - Successors of Children are not shown in Job Dependency report when selecting "All children inherent level from parent"


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Automic Automation Intelligence


When a Box job is the Selected Job in the Insight "Job Dependency Data Table" Report, and the Box itself does not have any direct successors but the Box job's children do have Successors, the Successors  of the children are missing on the report when selecting "All children inherent level from parent".

However, when a predecessor of the box is specified as the target job in the job dependency table report, the successor of the children are included in the report.   


Release : 6.0.1



When a Box Job is selected and the "All children inherent level from parent" check box is selected, all of the children will have the same level as the Box Job and Same Level as each other, Level 0. 

When the Children's Successors are all other Children within the Box Job or the Box Job itself, they will all have level 0 with the check box selected and will not get returned as successors.  

In the example below, mkt_price_Sydney is selected as the job for the report, and mkt_price_Sydney has no successors.

The children jobs mkt_price_Sydney01 through mkt_price_Sydney06 each have successors, but the successors are all jobs within the same box or the box itself. 

If the report is configured like below, there will be no successors as all the children and the box job will all be level 0.

If you were to choose on of the specific children, and unchecked the "All children inherit level from parent", the successors of that child job would be displayed in the report.