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Upgrading from release 8.5 to release 8.6: Is regeneration for the models required?


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Upgrading from release 8.5 to release 8.6, using CA GEN for 3270 block mode COBOL applications:  Will the models have to be regenerated?


CA GEN, release 8.6


Most re-generation of models is not necessary as the schema does remain the same at 9.2.A6.  Therefore, you do not need to regen or recompile your applications/models (one exception is noted below for CICS).  As long as they are running fine under release 8.5, then all will be fine as well under release 8.6 with all of the maintenance applied.  The user exits will need to be reinstalled, and the 8.6 runtimes will need to be inserted.

Please note: CICS applications built using CA GEN 8.5 before CA GEN 8.5 PTF RO86229 was applied will need to be regenerated and reinstalled. Server-to-Server applications built before CA GEN 8.5 PTFS RO83361,RO84681, RO84682 and RO84683 were applied will also need to be regenerated and reinstalled. The best way to currently identify is with an AMBLIST of the Executable modules/DLLs (including Gen Runtimes) and compare that to an SMP/E report of the PTFs applied.