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Web agent 12.52 SP01 CR10A contains the SameSite patch.


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


Does Web agent " 12.52 SP01 CR10A " Installer contains the SameSite patch.


CA/Brodcom CA Single Sign On (AKA CA SSO) Webagent Version 12.52 SP1 CR10A

Component : Siteminder Webagent.


From 12.52 SP1 CR10a:

Web Agent is certified on Windows 2019 for IIS 10 Web Server as of today.

The SameSite solution that was previously delivered as a patch is now available by default in SiteMinder. For releases upto 12.52 SP1 CR10, the solution is still available as a patch.

To support the SameSite cookie attribute of Google Chrome 80, SiteMinder now provides two new Agent Configuration Object parameters, SameSite and getcpcookie (for cookie provider Agents) in releases upto 12.52 SP1 CR10. From 12.52 SP1 CR10a, another ACO parameter samesiteincompatibleuseragents, is also provided. The ACO parameters let you control the default behavior of applications for SameSite cookie attribute.

The below documentation link which helps to provide detailed Information regarding the new features on 12.52 SP1 CR10A version.