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EEM Multi-Write Question are user store settings replicated


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We have a 4 machine EEM HA (multi-write and failover) configuration.  Two machines are in our production data center and 2 are in our DR datacenter.  

All of the 4 EEM servers are bound to Active Directory for external user store.  The 2 production EEM servers are bound to Active directory servers in the same production data center, and the 2 DR EEM servers are bound to Active Directory servers in their same DR data center.

Recently, as part of the AE SP8 upgrade, we updated all the EEM servers to allow 2048 length certiifcate keys.  That involved the complete disablement of the EEM HA configuration and then the reestablishment of it.  In doing that, the primary machine in the 4 machine HA config is one of the machines in the production data center. 

Today we noticed that the 2 EEM machines in the DR datacenter are no longer bound to the DR data center Active Directory servers.  Instead, they are bound to the Actice Directory servers in the production data center.

Did the disablement and then the reestablishment of the EEM HA configuration of cause the primary machine's User Store / LDAP configuration to be replicated to all the other 3 machines in the HA config?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


When you run "sync" during the re-establishing of EEM multi-write the user stores are sync'ed up, regardless if you select NEW or DELTA.
Whatever you have in the primary/source EEM gets replicated to the target, over-writing the shadow's existing user store settings.