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CLI command 'show attributes' does not correctly show the model_handle attribute value for the model in question


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CA Spectrum


When running the CLI command 'show attributes' the returned output does not correctly show the model_handle attribute value for the model in question.


cd $SPECROOT/vnmsh
./show attributes attr=0x129fa mh=0x1220e8
Id               Name                              Iid                  Value
0x129fa     Model_Handle                                       0x0   

In the above example instead of seeing the model handle for the model, a null 0x0 is returned instead. This can cause
  problems for administrators who have automation scripts in place and require the value to be present in the output


Release : 10.4.1, 104.2 (NetOps 20.2)

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


It was found that the problem is caused by a recent change in Spectrum 10.4.1 on the handling of Keyed Attributes. The introduced change was
   to pre-loaded the keyed attributes into Memory during SpectroSERVER startup. This however appears to cause an issue with the model_handle
   attribute when being retrieved via the cli.


The caching of the keyed attributes can be disabled by adding the setting without quotes cache_keyed_attrs=false to the .vnmrc and
  restarting the SpectroSERVER


When keyed attribute caching is disabled a log message will be printed in the VNM.OUT log at startup. This can be used to
   verify the caching was successfully disabled.

Aug 31 09:26:24 ERROR TRACE at KeyedAttributeCacheIH is disabled.