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Issues exporting metadata


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We run an ADFS server and we tried to import metadata generated with
the AdminUI, and the ADFS service cannot import :


element. We'd like to know if there's a possibility to not export this
tag ?




Policy Server 12.8




On one hand, you might have a solution by customizing the export data
file by removing by script the tag :


                        <ns1:X509IssuerName>CN=DigiCert Global CA G2,O=DigiCert Inc,C=US</ns1:X509IssuerName>

then as bash it would be :

  # egrep -v 'X509IssuerSerial|X509IssuerName|X509SerialNumber' ADFS-TEST-CUS-IDP-LOCALMetadata.xml > export.xml

The export.xml will have everything except the above section. You
might check if this will affect the signature of the exported data.

On the other hand, WS-FED uses the SAML 2.0 but brings more
functionality. And SAML 2.0 mentions the usage of "X509IssuerSerial"
but it is not mandatory as Indirect Key Reference :

  Indirect Key References

    The indirect approach involves describing a public key for use as
    input to a separatelycontrolled trust evaluation process. This is
    common to commercial SAML implementations, and may include a wide
    range of approaches to representing a key, including key "names"
    using <ds:KeyName> or <ds:X509Subject> elements, certificate
    references using the <ds:X509IssuerSerial> element, or an actual
    certificate that is subjected to additional validation using other
    rules defined outside of metadata.

As such, SiteMinder WS-FED partnership offers the funtionality to
remove that tag by checking this box :

   "Ignore Issuer details when exporting metadata" checkbox

where this functionality doesn't exist for other Partnership types.