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Reporting: How to increase Job Runs retention from the default 7 days


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


For Reporting reasons, it is necessary to keep more than 7 days of Job Runs.

How can this be achieved?



Dollar Universe 6 keeps by default up to 7 days of Job Runs.


Release : 6.x



In order to increase the default Job Runs retention, please check the documentation, section Maintenance - Purge on Area:

Replace the value 007:00:00 by the desired one, ie 030:00:00 for 30 days on all the lines to keep coherency.

The other possibility for performing a Report on the Job Executions of a given day/ period in the past would be using Reporter extracting the node's Executions daily as it will insert them on a dedicated database.
This is the recommended / dedicated tool for Reporting and should be preferred rather than increasing the retention.


Be advised that increasing the default retention will make the data files to grow in size which will slow-down the performances of the Dollar Universe Node during regular operations as Launches / Maintenance and so on.